How can I help as your health coach?


As a holistic health coach, I will educate, inspire and guide you to take ownership of your health by making small, but lasting nutrition and lifestyle changes. I will help you to identify areas for improvement and growth and provide you with the tools to make positive changes.  Coming from a background in both medical science and integrative nutrition, we will focus not only on calories, carbohydrates and protein but your overall quality of life.

will guide you to:

  • eat wholesome, unprocessed foods that nourish your body and mind
  • stop dieting and start eating intuitively by listening to how your body responds to different foods
  • “crowd out” unhealthy foods and behaviors
  • understand and deal with your cravings
  • include foods that help you to reach your specific wellness goals
  • put aside all the excuses and crutches you’ve used in the past to keep you from living your life at 100%

As with any intervention, there are side effects.

Luckily, these are the kinds you will want to experience.


Here are the “-er” side effects, as I like to call them:

  • Clearer: your energy will soar and your thinking will become more lucid
  • Dreamier: you will sleep better
  • Lighter and Stronger: you will feel lighter and stronger, both physically and emotionally
  • Sweeter and Crisper: your taste buds will come alive and food will taste more vibrant
  • Empower: you will feel pride and ownership that comes with taking care of your own health and quality of life
  • Passionate(er): you will find passion in eating and living well and want to share it with everyone you know (ok, that one is not an “-er” but you get my drift)


"Thank you for being on this journey with me. You've taught me to always take care of myself and my wellbeing, despite what's happening around me. I feel like I've gained a coach and a friend."

− Andrew W.

"Simply put, Jocelyn changed my life. As a young man with gout, she taught me how to get my health back on track. She has incredible energy and patience, with a knowledge of wellness and healthy living that is second to none. Our individual coaching sessions were not only enlightening, they were specialized and directed in a way that made me feel comfortable in achieving my path towards a healthier lifestyle. I am forever grateful and lucky to have met Jocelyn."

− Jeremy F.

"Working with Jocelyn as my health coach was really great! I was nervous before we started, but found her really easy to talk to and loved how supportive and encouraging she is. Diagnosed with Sjogren's syndrome soon before working with her, she was so helpful and informative as someone who understands what it's like to have an autoimmune disease. She often times felt like more than a health coach, listening to my problems and offering up suggestions to help alleviate my stress. Jocelyn is a thoughtful, knowledgeable health coach who helped me feel more energized and happy."

− Luz P.

"Jocelyn and I have worked on a number of high-level client experiences together and I can say with utmost confidence that she always exceeds expectations. Her science and research background lends to her excellence in her cooking and ingredient knowledge. I would highly recommend Jocelyn to those seeking an intelligent, passionate, creative and leading health coach and progressive nutrition chef."

− Natasha E., Greatist & Alive+Well


Take the first step…

Connect with me to schedule your free initial health consultation.

If we find that we’re a good fit to work together, we can discuss details about the possible plans for coaching. I believe that it takes at least 3-6 months to make solid health and lifestyle changes, depending on the individual and the specific issues to be addressed. After the initial consultation, we will have a better idea how to move forward.

Coaching sessions can be done in-person, over the telephone or through video chat – we can tailor the program based on your location and preferences. Continuous support will also be provided through email, newsletters and other materials.

The initial consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose by reaching out. If you have any health issues you would like to improve, whether it be weight loss, low energy, headaches, arthritis or other chronic conditions, please consider connecting with me.