Product Review: The FlipBelt

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When the crew over at Fit Approach and Sweat Pink asked whether I wanted to check out The FlipBelt, I at first hesitated. This was not for lack of interest (I love checking out any and all fitness clothing and gear), but because I’ve been injured and had not run in a few weeks. The short version is that I have a lateral meniscus tear (possibly also bursitis and tendonitis). In other words, I’m a hot mess. I’m attempting to heal it through reduced activity, physical therapy and nutrition before resorting to surgery, of course the doctor’s first choice.

Back to the belt… I chatted with a representative at Sweat Pink and she reminded me that the belt could be useful not only for running, but other fitness activities as well. Oh and can it. I tested out the belt on the elliptical, rowing machine, recumbent bike, in spin class and (finally) in a 5K.

What exactly is the FlipBelt?

It’s a polyester and spandex tube belt that has four openings/slits that allow you to slide in personal items such as your phone, identification, keys, money, etc. Once items are in the belt, you flip it so that everything is “locked” in. 

Here’s what it looks like in action:



The Verdict:

I’m a huge fan. I got a the Carbon (grey) in medium, which fits perfectly and looks cuter than the other running belts I’ve used. Based on another review I found, I have been putting my iPhone in one of the front slots and threading my headphones so that they come out the next slot in the back. This way, your headphone cords can hang in the back and not get caught up in your arms when doing activities. Other items like my ID, cash and keys were a no brainer.

The single time where the belt was not ideal was during spin class because we do a lot of up and down movement. Since you wouldn’t typically need to wear a FlipBelt during a spin class, this might seem like a silly experiment, but I figured it might mimic more aggressive cycling. The only other minor thing that differed from my other running belt is that it does not allow for hooking up of a race bib using toggles, so you have to go the traditional route of pinning it to your shirt. Not a big deal, just an observation in case this is something about which you care.

I definitely see myself getting The FlipBelt in a couple other colors (there are some fun ones). Also, I just got the newer iPhone 6 so I’ll let you know if there are any problems with it continuing to work out – but I have a feeling I will remain a fan.

2014-09-11 18.04.41

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