Sprouted Brown Rice with Sprouted Lentil Pilaf

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Today’s post feels a little bit like the Wizard of Oz, where you guys are Dorothy and I’m the tiny man behind the curtain. But, I’m okay with that because I don’t want anyone to have the notion that I spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week soaking almonds and grains, cutting veggies and blending smoothies. Sometimes I’m tired or tight on time and need to just grab something that is already prepared for me. One of my favorites comes from a line by Macro Vegetarian – it’s their Sprouted Brown Rice with Sprouted Lentil Pilaf. I’ll usually eat half the container over some mixed greens with some other salad goodies. If I’m really unmotivated, I’ll just chow down and eat the whole thing straight out of the container with some hot sauce sprinkled over it. The former is my preferred way to eat it, though, since I like to add in greens and other colorful veggies whenever I can.

You might be asking what the deal is with sprouted rice and lentils. Sprouting grains and beans has a number of benefits: 1) it makes them easier to digest; 2) it activates food enzymes; 3) it increases vitamin content and 4) neutralizes anti-nutrients, such as phytic acid, that bind minerals (calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium), which inhibits absorption by the body.

The moral of the story: convenience foods don’t have to be the devil – you just have to make good choices when relying on them.


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