Vanilla Quinoa Milk

By March 17, 2014 nourish 2 Comments

As you guys probably know by now, I don’t do dairy. Even before making the transition to a plant-based diet, I realized that dairy doesn’t play well with my body (namely, the joys of bloating). Since eliminating it from my diet, I have switched to non-dairy alternatives – mostly almond, but also coconut, rice, cashew and hemp milks.

More recently, however, I discovered quinoa milk on the shelves of my local market. I was at first excited because I realized that it didn’t contain carrageenan, a food additive I try to avoid due to it’s pro-inflammatory properties. Unfortunately, most store-bought non-dairy alternatives contain carrageenan as a texture agent. So, I figured if I could make all the other kinds of milks myself, I might as well try quinoa since it would likely be cheaper than buying it all the time. Plus, I could then make sure the quinoa is soaked at least overnight before blending to help with it’s digestibility and bio-availability of nutrients.

Seeing that I’ve been using quinoa milk in my smoothie recipes a lot as of late, the fab ladies at Well+Good NYC featured the recipe on their blog today.  So head over there and check it out. I include variations for sweetened and flavored versions as well.


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